Youth and Worship Pastor


Nathan is originally from East Texas, and moved to Denton, Texas, to study music and English at the University of North Texas. He spent his post-college years in Denton playing in a rock band and serving the homeless, before God called him into worship ministry. Nathan led worship at a church plant in Denton, Texas, where God formed him as a pastor and worship leader. In 2011 he married his favorite worship leader, Meghan, and they now have three children together, Heidi, August, and Caroline.

Eventually, God laid it on his heart to someday serve as a Worship and Youth Pastor, and he began praying for this in 2018. God also led Nathan to pursue the opportunity to spend time in a church that pursued the power of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in 2020 God opened a door for Nathan and his family to move to Fort Worth to be a part of Wellspring.

Nathan came to Wellspring in August, 2020, as Worship and Youth Pastor. His simple desire is to lead corporate gatherings into the presence of Jesus, to lead individuals to walk in the Spirit in their daily lives, and for all to know God truly.

Nathan co-hosts the Real Kingdom podcast, talking about spiritual experiences and encounters that highlight the truth of Christian spirituality. Nathan’s latest musical project, along with his wife, is their band The Loverlies’ 2021 album “Kingdom of Laughter, “ a folk-rock worship record.

Nathan enjoys classic films and literature, good coffee, sunlight, starlight, mountains, and exploring beautiful cities.

What is your favorite family tradition?

As an extrovert, my favorite traditions involve being with the people I love. Friday movie nights with my family, anniversary trips with my wife, worshipping in church or small group, big meals and holiday parties, etc. We also have a lot of little things in our family that aren’t exactly traditions, but they are recurring events, like going on train rides together, long walks, bike rides, visiting favorite coffee shops… and it’s even better when we do all of these in the same outing!

Who is your least favorite superhero and why?

My least favorite superhero is probably Mermaid Man, because Plankton causes a lot of trouble in Bikini Bottom but it feels like Spongebob always has to take care of it.

What is your favorite scripture/life verse?

John 15:7 “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you,” because the essence of the Christian life is staying close to Jesus. If His words abide in us, then we have learned His character and His kingdom priorities; we have learned to listen to the voice of the Spirit. And when we do that, we’ll ask for the kinds of things He wants to give, and He will give them!

If you were trapped in a zombie apocalypse and you were only allowed one weapon to defend yourself, what weapon would that be?

I’ve never read it, but I would take a copy of the novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as a reference guide. I’m sure whatever they did to save Darcy and Elizabeth from the Zombies would work for me and Meghan, and if not, hopefully it would at least be a fun read.

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