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The Seeking Initiative is a season in the life of Wellspring Church devoted to prayer, fasting, and seeking the Lord in his Kingdom.

Our primary goal for the Seeking Initiative is that everyone take next-steps with God into deeper commitment to personal and corporate prayer. We want the whole church to become people of prayer.

One of our other goals is revival, but this one requires explanation. We believe that what we call “revival” the Bible calls the Kingdom of Heaven coming upon us. Jesus told us to pray “Father… let your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Therefore, the goal of revival is that the church pray according to this command of Jesus.

We believe that all churches across the world, regardless of denomination or affiliation, should take up the charge to pray for the Kingdom to come and to make disciples of that Kingdom who can steward the Kingdom when it comes. 


Thursday evenings | 6 – 7 pm | Wellspring Church

This corporate prayer meeting is an hour dedicated to reverent and fervent prayer. We know that not all people will be able to attend, but for the 7 weeks of the Season of Prayer, we encourage everyone to ask what sacrifices would be required to make it work.

While we were praying about what to do for the season of prayer, we received a word that we have taken as wisdom from God to pick a night for corporate prayer, go from 6 to 7 pm, and “don’t go long.” Therefore, if the prayer meeting is roaring with glory and we end it, everyone can just take that spiritual momentum home with them.

As a church, we are prayerfully filling out and submitting commitment cards to help us hold each other accountable. This is similar to the way a church might ask members to make special financial commitments over a period of time. However, we are committing our time and efforts to prayer because we value the prayers of the saints more than gold. 

If you want to join us in our Seeking commitment at any time, fill out this card, or ask for one in person.

Click here for the online Seeking Prayer Journal. Whether you have been a prayer warrior for years, or you are just getting started in a life of prayer, this Seeking Prayer Journal is a helpful tool for increasing. You can fill this journal entry as many times as you like, and the entry will only be sent to you. You can also get a physical copy of the Seeking Prayer Journal at any of our church services.
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