• Season of Prayer Commitment Card

  • Thursday Corporate Prayer

    We want the entire church to attend this prayer meeting each week if possible.

    What sacrifices might you have to make to commit to being at the Thursday Prayer Meeting?

    If you can’t be there, no shame. We know not everyone will be able to attend every meeting. Join us in prayer wherever you are.

  • You may consider the following:

    • Praying through the Seeking journal each day
    • Praying for ___ minutes/hours each day
    • Attending the 8:00am prayer meeting on Tuesdays in the Worship Center
    • Attending the 15-minute pre-service prayer meeting at 8:40am, Sundays in the church lobby.
    • Praying with family or housemates ____ times per week
  • You may consider the following:

    Fasting ____ day(s) per week
    Fasting from sun-up to sundown ___ times per week
    Fasting one or more meals per day
    Joining a fasting chain with others

  • You may consider the following:

    Denying yourself certain kinds of food or drink (sodas, meats, sweets, etc)
    Denying yourself social media
    Denying yourself movies, shows, or music
    Denying yourself a hobby

  • Should be Empty: