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We Don’t have a dress code

We want you to be comfortable, whatever that means to you. So if you prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt, go for it. If you like dressing up a bit, please do. We aren’t concerned with how you dress. Worship is about what’s in your heart. So come as you are – you’ll fit right in!

What to Expect

Our Worship Experience starts at 10:30am on Sundays in the Worship Center, which is located on the far north side of the building, closest to Starnes Road. Bathrooms are also accessible through the foyer, at the opposite end of the entrance.

We’ll begin promptly at 10:30am with some contemporary worship songs, followed by a message that applies the ancient text of God’s Word to the relevant issues we all face today—in our families, in our careers, in our pain, and in our faith.


Does it sound like you?

The doors of wellspring are open to all people of all creeds, confessions, races, and nationalities. Wellspring is a thriving community of faith for anyone looking to further development of their faith. That being said, our theological distinctives give us a level of expertise in specific people groups. 

Family-Man Phil

Phil takes God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply” VERY seriously. He blows the 2.3-kid average American family out of the water with his 6-kid family—although one kid is adopted, another is from a previous marriage, and the number “6” is always in flux due to his devotion to foster care. Phil and his wife Daniela firmly believe that families are the building block for society, but at the same time, they are often overwhelmed and know it takes a village. They’re looking for that—in church.

Community Kiera

Kiera feels like she’s been spiritually “floating” for years in churches where nobody knows her name. This came to a head recently, when she lost her husband Dante in a tragic car accident. Not a single pastor or fellow parishioner reached out to her. Now she feels driven toward a community where people are friends, even outside of church. And where pastors are “shepherds” who know their “sheep”.

Don’t-Judge Judy

Judy has a past that she can’t hide—three of her young children were born out of wedlock from different fathers, and her face is worn from years of partying just a little too hard. She grew up in church, and the “Jesus” she learned about seemed to be drawn to people like her. But her experience in churches was exactly the opposite. This is what drove her away from church for many years. She came back because a friend from AA told her about a church where people are real with each other, like in AA.

Word-of-God Willie

Willie… Really… Know the Bible. And while he loves for a preacher to connect the Scripture to everyday issues like anxiety, depression, marriage, and work, he’s leery of any church that teaches pop-psychology with only minor doses of Scripture. He wants relevant Bible teaching that meaningfully wrestles with text, stands on right doctrine, makes you think, and helps you feel the beauty—not just of Scripture, but of its Author.

Miracle Mo

Miracle Mo is actually the cousin of Word-of-God Willie. Both of them grew up with the same passion for Scripture, but Mo didn’t grow up in a church that believed in the “crazy” spiritual gifts—like “prophecy” and “healing”. That all changed when his cousin Willie contracted Stage 4 Cancer. Willie was on his death bed, and the elders of the church prayed for him, leading to a miraculous recovery. Mo cautiously investigated Willie’s church after that, but was pleasantly surprised about what he calls, “a biblical expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Now he’s a full-fledged member, and he regularly prays for the sick.

Sacramental Sue

Sue grew up Catholic, and she was taught to have a sort of mystical respect for “the Eucharist.” Nevertheless, Sue never connected with her Catholic roots. Her friends went to non-denominational churches, and it was admittedly easier to relate to the contemporary music and practical teaching. But she also felt like something was missing—a lack of connection to the historical roots of faith. She’s looking for a church that on one hand takes communion weekly and recites ancient creeds, but on the other hand, she wants a contemporary expression: musically and Scripturally.

Entrepreneurial Enrique

Enrique doesn’t want to come to church and sit. He’s ready to roll up to sleeves. He’s started nine businesses in the last ten years. And he feels conflicted with his church experience. Some churches make him feel like he’s lost in the crowd, and all they want is his money. Other churches just seem small and stuck. He wants to invest his time somewhere that actually needs his leadership and vision. But he also doesn’t want to slave away at a church that’s going nowhere. At the end of the day, Enrique wants to make a tangible life-contribution to a church that will value and multiply his investment.


If you have any questions about what we believe or any other questions about the church feel free to contact us below.

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