The Coronavirus


Dear Wellspring family,
Surely you’ve been reading the news of the spread of Coronavirus and the responses from various organizations and people across the world. You might be asking, “How should I respond?”


First of all, my message from last week remains relevant – we must respond from a place of faith. But there’s also a mistake we can make on the other side. During times of crisis, the pendulum of human response tends to swing either toward paranoia or denial. I believe our response in this time should strike the balance.

There are good reasons to believe this is serious: the World Health Organization has officially declared this a global pandemic; the Chancellor of Germany expects 60-70% of Germans to become infected; 12 states have declared a state of emergency; NCAA March Madness will be playing before empty arenas; the NBA has suspended its season… the list goes on.

We would be foolish to ignore these realities. My prayerfully and carefully researched position is that daily life will be significantly affected for weeks, and more likely months, to come. All of us must do our part to respond in faith and wisdom.


Furthermore, all of us must do our part to respond with compassion. The coronavirus is not nearly as scary to healthy young people. But if you’re older or less healthy, this would be naturally terrifying. While it’s again wise to avoid paranoia, I also want us to avoid condemning statements that intensify shame for the elderly and infirm. The Scripture says of Christ, “A bruised reed He will not break; a smoldering wick He will not snuff out.” Let us bind up, build up, and protect those who are physically weaker among us.

Wellspring’s Response

  • Here’s what Wellspring is doing:
    Our prayer team has prayed over every chair in the Worship Center and throughout the building.
  • We have hired a cleaning crew to provide extra sanitization of all surfaces in common areas before Sunday services. We of course do this every week, but we are doubling down.
  • This doubling down includes sanitization of all toys and surfaces in our kids’ area. We have always sanitized these before each Sunday, but now there is heightened focus.
  • We will have sanitizer available on your way into the Worship Center.
  • We are asking members to be mindful during greetings on Sunday morning. As much as we prefer to be more directly friendly, let us replace handshakes and hugs with non-touch greetings.
    We also ask members who are sick to stay at home. If you need someone to pray for you in your home, we are ready to do so.
  • We are monitoring the spread of the virus locally and the recommendations of public officials.
  • We are prepared to move services online as well as to adjust our church events calendar, if needed. As of this email (Thursday), we will continue to meet on Sundays, just as other churches in DFW are doing. Decisions will be made and announced on a week-to-week basis about Sunday services.
  • Our ManChurch Retreat is postponed. Those who already paid will be refunded promptly.
  • We are prepared to communicate through every available medium: website, social media, email, text, etc.
    God’s Preparation


God has prepared us for this season. Six months ago, we prayerfully decided to preach through Revelation, and our timing agreed exactly with the beginning of the outbreak in the US. Something is happening in the spiritual realm, and God has not left us in the dark. He is speaking.

Not only that, but in the last year, we’ve felt a strong urge to expand our online presence. God has prepared us for such a time as this. We have our new website; we just surpassed 1000 page likes in Facebook; our online community has over 300 people and growing since January; my weekly theology podcast (Remnant Radio – give it a try/subscribe) gets about 100,000 views a month.

All of this sets us up perfectly to continue communications, should the situation deteriorate. Again, we will monitor this week-to-week and communicate thoroughly.

I love you all and look forward to worshiping with you—through dark days and bright ones. Now is our chance to shine in dark times. I’ll send you another email on Saturday to update you about Sunday. In the meantime, let’s shine our light through faith, wisdom, and compassion.

PS—This is the most helpful link I’ve found about how to prepare your household. Most of what I’ve seen in national news has been unhelpful. This comes from local Ottawa news—I know, random—but it’s the best I’ve seen!


New Sunday Morning Church Experience


  • Online Church: 10:30am (Live) Join Via Facebook or Youtube 
  • Ministry Time: 11:30-12:30pm via phone calls 


  • Morning Devotional With Pastor Michael at 6am in the Friends of God Online Community Facebook Group 
  • Remnant Radio: 8:30-9:30pm, Youtube Theology Podcast
  • Kids’ 1-hour engagement/instructional video released 
  • Family Bible Studies (Scripture of the week released, with instructions for how to have a Family Bible Study)


  • Morning Devotional With Pastor Cyndi: 6am, Friends of God Online Community Facebook Group 
  • Facebook Live with the Rowntrees at 7:00 PM 


  • Morning Devotional With Pastor David at 6am in the Friends of God Online Community Facebook Group 
  • Youth Church Online Church / Judah Show Podcast: 6:30pm Live
  • Youth Church Ministry Time: 8:30-9:30pm
  • Theology 101: 7-8:30pm VIA Zoom Meeting ID: 923 633 9215 Password: 414992


  • Morning Devotional With Pastor Michael at  6am in the Friends of God Online Community Facebook Group 


  • Morning Devotional With Pastor David  at 6am in the Friends of God Online Community Facebook Group 


    Visionary Family Conference
    January 29

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